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Eventree wedding planning service tailored all the service in quality, it starts booking venues, designing of wedding invitation, wedding ornaments and bridal bouquets, wedding photography, stage décor and hospitality, wedding transportation and booking of honeymoon in Sabah and across the world. Eventree weddings is you best companion in wedding planning service in Kerala. We are the wedding planners in Kerala, fullfill your events professionally and Eventree wedding planning service is personal and intimate.


In Sabah, wedding photography is a trend setting factor, both photo book and wedding videography. Candid wedding photography and wedding video highlights are mandatory in all types of weddings. Eventree wedding photogrphy has the best wedding photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of professional wedding photography to surprise you with extraordinary wedding photos and wedding videos of your wedding day. Eventree weddings has the ability to provide people with a collection of amazing memories is a great gift, and the ability to hand over a completed collection of images that encompass a truly amazing time in your life.

Sabah is an ultimate destination for all event planners. From having numerous convention centres and halls which are suitable for conducting events and conferences it also provides a direct link with nature. Eventree event planners is your ultimate event planners in Sabah with expertise in meticulous attention to detail, creative ideas and a professional, stress free environment. Eventree event planning service ensures you are left to enjoy the magical build up to your events. With every service engineered to perfection, this team with our combined experience of 10 years can give you the event planning service of a lifetime!

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